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Akkond Biscuits Maria 200g
Akkond Biscuits Maria 200g

Akkond Biscuits Maria 200g

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AKKOND is one of the biggest confectionery factories in Russia, located in Chuvashia region and founded in August of 1943 during the World War 2. At first it was a small handicraft factory, but after the war it became the big sweets producer in USSR. Today, AKKOND produces more than 400 different sweets and is the only manufacturer of soft chewing caramel in Russia.

As its products are being routinely awarded the prizes for quality, you can be sure that buying the Russian sweets produced by AKKOND you will receive only positive emotions and sweet aftertaste.

Печенье затяжное на высокоолеиновом подсолнечном масле с добавлением молока