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Chocolates Candy Daisies Romashki 250g
Chocolates Candy Daisies Romashki 250g
Chocolates Candy Daisies Romashki 250g

Chocolates Candy Daisies Romashki 250g

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Chocolates Daisies Romashki

Creme Brule praline with brandy, vanilla and rum aroma.

Ingredients: sugar, chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter equivalents, cocoa powder, lecithin, vanilla), sweetened condensed milk, syrup, milk fat substitute (vegetable), brandy, flavouring: rum and vanilla.

Product of Russia

Net weight: 250g

“Rot Front" is one of the largest manufacturers and leaders in the Russian market; annual output of more than 50 thousand tons of sweet products combining the latest technologies with a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality products. Modern manufacturing, high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers, which employs about 3,000 highly qualified employees. The quality of confectionery products is confirmed with the Medal of Honor, prizes and diplomas of Russian and foreign exhibitions. Rot Front produces over 200 types of sweet products - candy, sweets, chocolates, wafers, pills and halva. Candies make up the diverse group. They are made from a variety of candy mass: fondant, fruit, nut, whipped, liqueur, roasting and praline.

Помада крем-брюле с добавлением коньяка.
Состав: Сахар, шоколадная глазурь (сахар, жир растительный, какао тертое, какао порошок , эмульгатор лецитин, ароматизатор идентичный натуральному), молоко, цельное сгущенное с сахаром, патока, масло сливочное, коньяк, ароматизаторы идентичные натуральным: 'Ром