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Waldi Ben Cucumbers in Brine home made 900g

Waldi Ben Cucumbers in Brine home made 900g

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Waldi Ben Cucumbers in Brine 900g

Original Cucumbers.

ingredients: cucumbers 56%, water, sugar, spirit vinegar, natural spices brew (bay leaf, black pepper, pimento, cherry leaf, currant leaf), dill, horseradish leaf, garlic. Pasteurised product.


Homestyle pickled vegetables always look like they were just freshly picked: they are extremely vibrant in color, and not mushy but crisp.
Cucumbers - the most common vegetables used in conservation.
Thanks to conservation it is possible to save the entire harvest of vegetables for a long time.
In this processing, in combination with various spices and herbs, they acquire a new taste and flavour.
Whether herbal spicy, hot or mild and sweet: the pickles stand for diversity cucumber in the kitchen.
The pickles have gained huge appreciations from the customers who have utilized them due to its nice aroma, yummy taste and pure quality.
Pickled cucumbers adorn our dinner tables all year round, and they are invariably delicious snack and the perfect complement to the rest of the dishes.
In slices, lengthwise, widthwise, diced or whole - our cucumbers are cut in the truest sense of the word on everyone's needs.
Ideal for all eating occasions they save time by directly from the jar.