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Franzeluta Crisp Bread Rings Mint 500g - Сушка Мятная

Franzeluta Crisp Bread Rings Mint 500g - Сушка Мятная

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Franzeluta Crisp Bread Rings Mint 500g

Sushki is a traditional Russian tea bread. It is a small, crunchy, mildly sweet bread ring which can be eaten for dessert. Sushki is natural and delicious bread rings with vanilla flavour - a great and healthy snack on the go and delicious dessert to have with tea or coffee.

Typical ingredients are flour, eggs, water, and salt, which are combined into a firm dough. This is then cut and rolled into thin strips of about half a centimetre thickness which are formed into rings, briefly cooked in boiling sugar water, then baked in an oven.

Produced from the high-quality flour.

Ingredients: extra wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, yeast, salt, flavour mint.

Product of Moldova

Net weight: 500g