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Viang Millet Groats 800g Пшено
Viang Millet Groats 800g Пшено
Viang Millet Groats 800g Пшено

Viang Millet Groats 800g Пшено

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The main value of whole millet is the high content of proteins which are essential for a human body as a building material for muscles and skin cells. Whole millet improves digestion, it contains plenty of proteins and carbohydrates, group B vitamins, A vitamin. These groats are rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is assumed that millet excretes and detoxicates a human body. Millet is tasty, digestible and can be cooked soft.

Millet is an interesting alternative to more common grains in the human diet.

It has a mildly sweet, nutlike flavour and is easily digested.

Millet is quite versatile and can be steamed; try toasting in a dry skillet before steaming.

Cooked millet makes excellent porridge or pilaf; or try as a stuffing or an addition to soups and green salads.

Millet belongs to the group of the healthiest and oldest groats.

Millet is the basic component of the diet of physically active people because it provides a feeling of satiety for a long time, it is a great source of easily digestible protein and affects faster metabolism.

It does not acidify the body; it is strongly alkaline.

It affects the improvement of well-being - the tryptophan contained in the groats, in the body, is transformed into serotonin called the happiness hormone.

Grains of millet is the basic ingredient of body cleansing treatment, at the same time provide it with essential vitamins and mineral salts.

The silica contained in the groats has a very good effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

People who struggle with digestive system diseases should reach for it because it is easily digestible and nutritious.

Ingredients: millet grain.

Product of Russia.

Net weight: 800g