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Red October Russian Chocolate Candies with waffles Mishka Kosolapyi 200g
Red October Russian Chocolate Candies with waffles Mishka Kosolapyi 200g
Red October Russian Chocolate Candies with waffles Mishka Kosolapyi 200g

Red October Russian Chocolate Candies with waffles Mishka Kosolapyi 200g

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Treat yourself to the classic Russian delicacy of Mishka Kosolapy chocolates, made with a delightful praline core and crunchy roasted grated almonds, all covered in a layer of creamy vanilla wafers. Product of Russia.

Net weight: 200g
 "Red October" is the oldest of the confectionery industry in Russia, it is one of the largest and most famous confectionery producers in Russia.

The official date of foundation of the enterprise is considered to be 1851. This year a workshop for the manufacture of sweets and chocolate was started on Arbat, Moscow by Wurttemberg Theodore Ferdinand von Einem. In 1867 in the handbook "The factory of the enterprise of the Russian Empire" entry appeared: "Einem. Association of a steam chocolate factory, candies and tea cookies".

After the October revolution, the factory was nationalised and was named "Red October" in 1922. The factory stood out with a high quality of product and additional benefits enjoyed by employees, so the work there was prestigious.

In the postwar years, the factory has become a sort of flagship, where everything new that appeared in the confectionery industry was developed, tested and applied in production. Thus, the first complex-mechanised production lines were created for the production of caramel, toffee etc.

In the '60s the factory has made a significant upgrade, which included an increase in the number of storeys of existing buildings. All significant events occurring in the country, have been observed in confectionery: the first man in space - candy "Space"; Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 - "Olympics-80"; sweets with a sports theme: "Finish", "Volleyball", "Lights of Moscow" and others.

The quality of products ensures thorough compliance with all regulations and state standards of the Russian Federation, as well as European conditions and standards of production. In 2008, the "Red October" has been certified according to the new international system of ISO 22000 food safety management system of production, and in 2012 received a certificate of ISO 9001-2008.

Products factory "Red October" participates in various international and domestic exhibitions, fairs and competitions. Trademarks have won many awards such as "Brand of the Year ',' Brand N1 in Russia", "Product of the Year" and many others.

Конфеты глазированные шоколадной глазурью с начинкой из массы пралине и миндаля между слоями вафель "Мишка косолапый"
Конфеты Красный Октябрь Мишка косолапый, 200г.
Состав: шоколадная глазурь(сахар, какао тертое, эквивалент масла какао (растительные негидрогенизированны­е масла (пальмовое, ши, иллипе, подсолнечное)),
какао порошок, эмульгаторы:лецитин соевый, Е476, ароматизатор  "ваниль"), сахар, ядро ореха миндаля тертое, масло какао,
вафли листовые(мука пшеничная, масло подсолнечное, соль поваренная,
эмульгатор Е322, разрыхлитель сода пищевая), антиокислитель Е306,
ароматизатор идентичный натуральному "Ваниль".
Возможно наличие следов фундука,молочных продуктов и арахиса.
Пищевая ценность: белки 6г, жиры 30г, углеводы 58,6г.
Энергетическая ценность: 530 ккал.