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Tea Book Green Volume III - 75g
Tea Book Green Volume III - 75g
Tea Book Green Volume III - 75g

Tea Book Green Volume III - 75g

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"Tea Book" Leaf Tea In Packets

71087 Tea Book Volume III

75g Box

Basilur Tea Book Vol.3 Green Tea Caddy 75g

A stunning collections of Premium Quality Tea dressed in exquisite packaging. These book-shaped tin caddies with fragrant loose leaf teas have been honored with the “TOP 10 MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AWARD” for packaging and recipe.

Basilur is an expression of the art of drinking tea. Each range of Basilur depicts its own story related to the rich Sri Lankan heritage. Each product is a unique tea drinking experience which transports its discerning tea drinkers to another time and place. Basilur tea takes you through this long journey of tea, with innovative blends and packaging yet, keeping the 5000 year old traditions intact. This Tea Book is a gift from Basilur tea family to the connoisseurs of tea.

Green loose/leaf tea grade YH from the high grown elevations of Ceylon with strawberry, cranberry and flavours melon cantaloupe, passion fruit, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, cream and black current. Cup colour is yellowish green.

Enjoy a glorified summer in your tea cup with this summery blend of Basilur’s exquisite Ceylon tea together with natural freeze dried strawberries, diced cranberries and the exotic flavors of Cantaloupe, Forest Fruits and Passion Fruits.

A delightful treat which will transport you to a forest of trees, humming birds and golden sunshine. An all day tea that can be enjoyed with a touch of pure golden honey. The symphony of flavors in this special blend will sing on your palate while you savor the taste of summer all year long.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Ceylon green leaf tea, natural strawberry and cranberry, and flavours melon cantaloupe, passionfruit, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, vanilla and cream.

Available in exquisitely crafted box with Loose Leaf Tea packed in foil pouch with zipper.

Product of Sri Lanka.

Net weight: 75g