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16 Recipes That Make the Most of Juniper Berries.


16 Recipes That Make the Most of Juniper Berries.

We love winter coziness. The citrusy, piney berry that’s used to flavor ginis the real key to feeling warmed from the inside out, and these 16 recipes showcase it in a way you’ll find irresistible.

1. Juniper Lime Cake: Gin is flavored with juniper, and just like the refreshing gin and tonic, this cake gets a boost of flavor from tangy lime. (via Butter, Sugar, Flowers)

2. Rhubarb and Juniper Berry Jam: If you want to start incorporating more juniper into your meals, this jam is the place to start. Spread this combination of rhubarb, juniper berries and sugar on any bread or baked good for a snack that will transport you to a brisk Scandinavian forest. (via Kitchen Heals Soul)

3. Juniper Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta: If you like rich desserts, this one’s for you. Bittersweet dark chocolate and woodsy juniper are balanced by a sprinkle of sea salt and a hint of sweetness, and you’ll find yourself dreaming about the creamy texture. (via Local Milk)

4. Pear, Plum and Juniper Berry Pie: You don’t often see a fruit pie suited to winter, but this honey-glazed pastry is the exception to the rule. Plums, apples, pears and juniper berries make for a dessert that’s equal parts sweet, tart, and piney, for a complex treat you’ll devour. (via My Nordic Kitchen)

5. Juniper and Smoke Marshmallows: Take a minute to erase those powdery, often stale supermarket marshmallows from your mind. After one bite of these smokey, piney, gloriously soft and sticky homemade marshmallows, there’s no going back. (via Local Milk)


6. Vanilla, Fig and Juniper Cake: We always like a cake that can double as dessert and breakfast, and this one does the trick. Full of figs and flavored with a vanilla juniper syrup, this cake is a treat whether served with a cup of coffee or a digestif. (via An Edible Mosaic)


7. Hazelnut Sweet Potato Pancakes With Juniper Syrup: Made with mashed sweet potato and hazelnut milk, these vegan pancakes are definitely delicious. Topped with ample amounts of warm juniper syrup, however, they’re placed in a league of their own. (via Woodland Keep)


8. Port, Juniper and Orange Pork Chops: Pairing fruit flavors with meat can sometimes feel challenging. The key is balance, and this sauce, with sweet oranges tempered by juniper berries and port, perfectly accompanies these juicy pork chops. (via A Stack of Dishes)


9. Juniper Orange Slow Cooker Chicken: Cooking with new ingredients can feel daunting, but this recipe has a helpful shortcut. It uses a juniper-infused orange jam to flavor a batch of slow cooker chicken, which can then be used in tacos, sliders and more. (via Cooking and Beer)


10. Gin and Bitter Lemon Sorbet: Sometimes, you want to end your night with something boozy and a little sweet, and that’s where this recipe comes in handy. Made with juniper berries and bitter lemon peel, along with lemon juice and gin, this sorbet is an adults-only dessert that makes for an elegant end to any meal. (via Domestic Gothess)


11. Cheesy Ham, Juniper and Tomato Sauce: The piney, citrusy flavors of juniper are a great way to lighten up heavier dishes. In this recipe, juniper adds a much-welcome kick of flavor to a creamy skillet of ham, cheese and tomatoes. (via Loaves and Dishes)


12. Juniper and Honey Pots De Creme: In simple desserts, honey is sometimes better than sugar. Here, it adds a depth of flavor that can stand up to resinous juniper berry, for a creamy, rich dessert that will leave your taste buds tingling. (via Pass the Cocoa)


13. Juniper Braised Red Cabbage: If you want to try a new spice, but aren’t ready to commit, sample it in a side dish. This red cabbage, braised in a complex, flavorful liquid, is the perfect introduction to juniper. (via The Kitchen Maus)


14. Sage and Juniper Brined Pork Chops: Here, the solution to bland, dry pork chops is found in a juniper and sage brine that seasons the meat all the way through, and keeps it juicy while it cooks. (via Chew Town)


15. Fermented Juniper Berry Juice: If you love lemonade, you’re in for a treat. This lightly fermented juniper berry juice is tart like lemonade, but with a touch of exotic flavor that will remind you of the Northern Lights. (via Balkan Lunch Box)


16. Vodka and Juniper Salt-Cured Salmon: You never know what you’re going to get with cured salmon from the grocery store. Instead, make your own salt-cured salmon at home, infusing it with flavors of juniper, rosemary and lemon. (via Feasting at Home)

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