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Russian Salad with Cod Liver

A very tasty festive salad will surely please all guests without exception. The cod liver is perfectly combined with vegetables, and prunes only emphasizes the taste of the remaining ingredients that gives the salad an original note. The recipe is simple enough and fast, especially if vegetables and eggs boil in advance. You can make it in a serving bowl or in a transparent salad bowl so that you can view all the layers of this dish.


Cod liver
2-3 Potato πŸ₯”
4 Eggs πŸ₯š
1 Carrot πŸ₯•
Prunes - 10 pcs
Green onion πŸ§… - to taste
Mayonnaise 100 g
Salt πŸ§‚ - to taste
Black pepper - pinch


1. At first, prepare all the necessary ingredients for the salad. Potatoes and carrots thoroughly washed and boiled until cooked in a peel. Cool the vegetables completely down and then peel them.
2. Chicken eggs shall be hard-boiled, chilled and cleaned from the shell. Separate the proteins from the yolks.
3. Let's open a can of canned goods. Pour the oil off from the cod liver and then break the liver with a fork.
4. Let's start with the salad formation. Spread it into serving crocheted jacket or vases. You can form a salad with a culinary ring. The first layer is laid boiled potatoes grated on a large grater. We will grease it with mayonnaise.
5. Next layer is the cod liver. Put a thin mesh of mayonnaise.
6. Cut the feathers of green onions into rings. Put green onions on top of the cod liver. Let’s add a little mayonnaise.
7. Next, add a layer of boiled carrots, grinded on a grater with large holes. Lubricate the layer with sauce.
8. Wash prunes carefully, you can pre-heat it in boiling water. Cut out the dried fruits and put them on top of carrots. Grease with mayonnaise.
9. Lay out grated on a large grater squirrels on top. Put a mesh of mayonnaise.
10. The last layer is laid out crushed egg yolks on a fine grater.
11. Decorate the salad with herbs and cranberries. You can use quail eggs, olives or pomegranate seeds as decorating.
12. Give the salad a little insisting in the fridge and you can treat guests and loved ones.
13. Bon appetite!

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