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Spicy Carrot Salad Korean Style

Spicey carrot salad Asian Style

Ready Korean carrot salad can be served with meat and fish dishes, steamed vegetables and boiled potatoes. Very nice Korean-style carrot salad looks on a cabbage leaf. You can add to the salad some products directly in the carrot itself, for example, fried pieces of poultry, meat, seafood, fish. You can mix Korean carrots with fresh cabbage, beets or celery, there are recipes, even with pineapple. But in Russia, the combination of Korean carrot salad with chicken pieces and squid, also very thinly chopped, is most popular.

One of the most popular snacks - Korean carrots, in fact, is indirectly related to Korea. According to one version, in the USSR, Korean migrants replaced Peking cabbage for one of their traditional salads with carrots. Since then, this appetizer has become widespread and has gotten so tight that I think there is no one who has not tried or even heard of it. For example, it is often used as a component for vegetable salads or as an independent dish. Most often on the tables, you can see the purchase option, but cooking Korean carrots at home is easier than ever - the benefit of a carrot today is not a shortage and the number of seasonings on the stores also abound.

That is how often this orange root vegetable is called. If you study the composition in detail, you can understand that the benefits of carrots are simply colossal. This vegetable is shown to all, without exception, because:

improves visual acuity, contributes to the treatment of night blindness (blurred vision in the dark);
helps eliminate inflammation, acne, acne, irritation on the skin of the face;
smoothes wrinkles;
strengthens the immune system;
increases haemoglobin level in the blood;
cleans the blood from toxins;
improves metabolic processes;
normalizes the work of the heart muscle;
fills the body with essential vitamins;
helps with constipation, improves intestinal motility;
recommended for diabetes, as it slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood;
reduces the risk of cancer;
lowers blood pressure;
cleans the liver and kidneys due to the rapid withdrawal of bile and urine;
helps to lose weight;
heals open wounds;
serves as an aphrodisiac.
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