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Mini sooshka lubitelskaya 500g
Mini sooshka lubitelskaya 500g

Mini sooshka lubitelskaya 500g

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Сушка "Малютка" любительская 500г

Long since in Russia, SOOSHKA (Russian "Сушка") was considered a sign of prosperity and gastronomic well-being. They decorated the house - hung them along the walls, in parts of the stove, next to the windows. Often festive loaves, wedding carts decorated with sooshka and bagels (Russian "Баранка"). Meeting the just married couples the matchmakers put necklaces of sooshka around their necks, thus giving them welfare. In addition to the talisman and jewellery, sooshka was also an attribute of traditional Russian tea-drinking: when the table was served, on golden, painted Khohloma trays, tea with sooshka & bagels were served together.

Franzeluta Crisp Bread Rings Malutka Lubitelskaja 500g

Small crisp bread rings in the round form with pleasant aroma and salty taste.

Sushki is traditional Russian tea bread. It is a small, crunchy, mildly sweet bread ring which can be eaten for dessert. Sushki are natural and delicious bread rings with vanilla flavor - a great and healthy snack on the go and delicious dessert to have with tea or coffee.

Typical ingredients are flour, eggs, water, and salt, which are combined into firm dough. This is then cut and rolled into thin strips of about half a centimeter thickness which are formed into rings, briefly cooked in boiling sugar water, then baked in an oven.

Produced from the high quality flour.

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, yeast, salt.

Product of Moldova

Net weight: 500g