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80248 TIPSON Organic Wellness ASSORTED Caffeine Free 60 Tea Bags
80248 TIPSON Organic Wellness ASSORTED Caffeine Free 60 Tea Bags
80248 TIPSON Organic Wellness ASSORTED Caffeine Free 60 Tea Bags
80248 TIPSON Organic Wellness ASSORTED Caffeine Free 60 Tea Bags

80248 TIPSON Organic Wellness ASSORTED Caffeine Free 60 Tea Bags

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TIPSON has carefully selected nature’s most precious natural ingredients to present you an array of herbal infusions and teas in this assortment of Health & Wellness teas. Each blend of herbs is packed with Vitamins and anti-oxidants and are rich in many nutritional properties. Every sip will leave you feeling rejuvenated with a boost of energy. Start your day feeling energized or end a long day feeling relaxed and calm. This sensational range is ideal for any time of day and for your total wellbeing.

Net Wt. 72g


⭐️ USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Brew a cup or pot of this delicious tonic to share with loved ones. It's 100 percent organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. So you can be sure it's powerful adaptogenic and health-enhancing qualities are present in every tea bag.

⭐️ FOIL-WRAPPED FOR FRESHNESS: Ashwagandha contains many nutrients a & antioxidants to help relieve the stress and anxiety that's so common in modern life. We ensure the integrity of this ayurvedic tonic by wrapping our double-chambered teabags inside individual foil envelopes


This is the perfect blend to start your week of detox. With 100% natural ingredients like black pepper, ginger, and dandelion. These herbs and spices are proven to be effective detoxifiers, like  black pepper that is rich in piperine, a puissant antioxidant that reduces and prevents free radical damage, is also good for your gut as it helps good bacteria grow. It's no secret that ginger helps relieve nausea and improves digestion, but did you know that ginger is rich in antioxidants that help boost our immune system?

Just like ginger, dandelion too has a positive impact on the human digestive system as it consoles any stomach discomfort. Its root is well known in folk medicine also known as the “liver tonic” that helps detoxify the liver and reduces any potential risk of liver diseases. 


A cup of this infusion in the morning will keep you productive and energetic throughout the day. Immune booster is an infusion blended with the right ingredients in the right proportions to give your immune system an incomparable boost. 

 Natural rosehip added to the blend is rich in antioxidants that keep you safe from chronic diseases, and it also supports the way to a healthy immune system with its good source of vitamins (especially vitamin C that paves the way for good immunity). This infusion also contains organic rooibos tea that are antioxidant powerhouses, that also keeps our heart in a healthy state.


Liver is the second largest organ in the human body and is very important in the digestion process. The organ also improves our metabolism, enhances the total wellbeing of our body, so it should be properly taken care of.

This detoxifying infusion will flush out all the toxins, cleanse your liver and the ingredients present makes it a must in a detox program. Curry leaves contain plant compounds that are also antioxidants that hunt through free radicals and suppress the damage caused by them relieving you from oxidative stress. Correspondingly coriander seeds help cleanse our liver as it removes the unnecessary fat present it is also a great ingredient to flush out toxins and detoxify our body.


A perfect concoction that may not only boost your metabolism but to assist in managing your weight. A robust brew with natural ayurvedic properties to help you stay healthy and be your best self.


Sleep is an important element in one’s life cycle and to be of optimum health. This ancient herbal infusion contains organic chamomile which is known for its calming and soothing properties to aid in a restful night of sleep.



Herbal Infusions

Packed in foil pouch with zipper to preserve the freshness of your favourite tea.