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Vinegar 25% 400g
Vinegar 25% 400g
Vinegar 25% 400g

Vinegar 25% 400g

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Vinegar, acid 25%,

weight: 400 ml

This vinegar is great for pickling vegetables for that perfect sharp and tart flavour you are looking for. Use to make salad dressings or as a base for making flavoured vinegar. A must-have for making quality Chorizo.

Vinegar can be used to lower the pH of the finished product to control the growth of pathogenic bacteria and is more toxic to microorganisms than other organic acids at the same level of concentration.

Enhances and flavours - Provides a burst of tang in a dish

You can dilute this Hi strength vinegar with water or other liquids of your choice to the level of acidity you desire - For example, 4 parts liquid to 1 part of this vinegar will make 5% vinegar or 3 parts liquid to 1 part vinegar will yield 6.25% vinegar. Just do the math.

Do not confuse concentration (sometimes referred to as grain strength), which is the amount of acidity in a given volume of liquid and which is measured in %, with acidity which is measured as a pH value. The pH of vinegar will normally vary over a range of from 2.3 to 3.4, depending on the type of vinegar. Store bought distilled white vinegar usually measures around pH 2.4, with a strength of 5%. Apple cider vinegar will have a pH of about 4.25 to 5.0. The lower the pH, the more acid the vinegar is.

Do not consume directly in an undiluted state

  •     Pure - undiluted - unadulterated
  •     25% strength